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Consultation / inquiries about the property
  • Call from Thailand 02-260-3698
  • Telephone from outside of Thailand +66-2-260-3698

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About Tokyo Development Consultant

Interior construction department

Since its establishment in 1990, as a consistent sales policy, we have respected the opinions of customers and have accumulated design and construction results with due consideration.
We always have face-to-face meetings with customers, devise ideas until customers are satisfied, and work to coordinate customer images with our images based on easy-to-understand drawings.
And even after completion, we will do everything we can to protect customers' important properties with thorough aftercare.

Business content

  • Factory interior and electrical / mechanical construction
  • General interior construction of offices, condominiums, and stores
  • Furniture production and renovation


Introducing the latest major construction results we have worked on.

Interior design and construction flow

  • Meeting We will draw out the customer's concept as much as possible and season it
  • Plan creation Create a quick plan by computerized CAD Quickly support change drawings
  • Detailed Plan Easy-to-understand and easy-to-understand drawings from the customer's point of view
  • Quotation Reasonable price, sophisticated material
  • Completion of construction and delivery Thorough management of finishing and strict adherence to construction period
  • Aftercare Quick complaint handling Reliable maintenance

A Japanese representative will ask you for a meeting. Prompt politeness is the motto for creating plans and making estimates.