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  • Call from Thailand 02-260-3698
  • Telephone from outside of Thailand +66-2-260-3698

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TDC for real estate such as factories, offices and apartments in Thailand

Property Department

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  • Brokers of factories and warehouses, Brokers of industrial estates
  • Brokers of serviced apartments, apartments and condominiums
  • Brokers of serviced offices, offices and shops etc.

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Search online for rental real estate. (Residences, offices, warehouses, factories) in Thailand operated by our company. Click on the desired search method for "Residence", "Office" or "Factory/Warehouse" from the button below
Real estate listings will display information with photos. Please inquire about each property

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Please leave the factory/warehouse and Thailand expansion. You can also see details such as the BOI division map

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In addition to the office, we also have many stores and stores both in and outside Bangkok.

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Recommend lots of real estate for serviced apartments, apartments and condominiums in Bangkok.

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